BladeRunner Boomerangs Assorted
  • BladeRunner Boomerangs Assorted
  • BladeRunner Boomerang Green
  • BladeRunner Boomerang Red
  • BladeRunner Boomerang Purple
  • BladeRunner Boomerang Pink
  • Boom Pamplet
  • How to Throw Boomerangs Booklet
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BladeRunner boomerangs spin like a top and have a tremendous hover for easy catching. We also like the large hole in the middle which is designed for excellent stability in higher wind situations. 4 "wings" mean more airfoil space which means more LIFT! This is one easy to throw, accurate boomerang! A great kid's rang with a 30 yard round flight. Please Note: Colors will Vary. Wind: light-medium-high. Height and width: 7.5" x 7.5".