How to Boomerang

New To Boomerangs?

If you are new to the sport of boomerangs we hope you find it to be a blast!! Similar to a good golf swing, boomerangs require patience and practice to develop the required skill. Some boomerangs are easier to throw than others. For quick positive results start with the easier to throw models, such as the Yanaki, Seagull, Phoenix, and V.
Sport and Recreation with Boomerangs

Today there are over 12 countries with national boomerang teams, including a US team. People are finding boomerangs to not only be a competitive sport, but also a great addition to mountain biking and backpacking, camping trips, kite flying, and just about any other outdoor activity. Write the United States Boomerang Association for further info.

P.O. Box 182
Delaware, OH 43015
Lefty 'Rangs and Instructions

Once again lefties are required to interpret right-handed instructions! Lefties will throw clockwise, while righties throw counterclockwise. Lefties must use "Left Handed" boomerangs. All lefty Colorado boomerangs will have "Left Handed" written on the back by the model name. All models are available left handed.

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